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review by persianmouse

Hmmmm....I wonder if T'Pol is ever going to find out that Denile is also a river in Egypt.

As usual, I liked the 'B' story much better than the main storyline, the 'B' storyline being reserved for people interacting with one another, and having feelings and whatnot, the main storyline always, of course, being either shit blowing up, Archer playing God, monster of the week, some more shit blowing up, special guest star from another Trek series, etc.,etc.,etc.

I loved, LOVED, the scene towards the end of show, after they find out what, uhh, what the hell was his name, Dr. Strangelove over there was up to, and he and Trip are screwing with the transporter. Heís talking about his son and the arguments they used to have, and how he realizes now that they were the happiest moments in his life. This annoys OMT, for it reminds him of a certain Vulcan who used arguments as foreplay. And then it gets even better, he tells Trip he would understand if he had ever lost a son, and Tripís head snaps back, and I know I wasnít the only person out there screaming ĎLORIAN!!!!!í. That scene was so well written, and well-played, finally a little subtlety in the writing, the writers werenít hitting us over the head with what they were trying to say. It acknowledged our intelligence as an audience, and I think it deserves a round ** and I think someone on the writing staff has a secret crush on Lorian, this is the second veiled reference to him this season. However, at least theyíre laying groundwork for him to transfer to the Columbia, and not just pulling that out of Rick Bermans ass, which is where they get most of their story ideas from. No really, he has the most prolific colon in all of Hollywood, I read it the Reporter.

I didnít agree with Phlox's comment on TíPol being calmer, it's not really a true calm, she's only calm like an inactive volcano is, where's there's still an awful lot of crap under the surface, and at any moment you may find yourself on fire.

And while I didnít like what TíPol was doing and saying in terms of immediate TnT (though at least they're acknowledging TnT, and that's always nice), but I like it because it's consistent with TíPol's character. She's always been passive-aggressively self-destructive, and this 'hiding behind that Bible of yours' falls in line with that. She has always been outraged at injustice towards others, but she never fights injustice when it comes her way. She'll kick and fight to help someone else, but she never gets mad when crap happens to her, she just takes it. Like in Shadows of P'jem, it was unfair for the High Command to recall her for inadvertently exposing their lie, but she didn't try to fight it. In Stigma, she didn't fight for herself, for her health and her life. In Home, she allowed herself to be sold into marriage to get her mother (whom she doesnít even seem to like, and who doesnít seem to like her back) her job back. She didnít need to do that, but she did, cause it was wicked good punishment to give herself. What a perfect way to ensure she will never be happy, and to feel degraded the rest of her life. She also is constantly isolating herself. People who are constantly isolated will often want nothing more than to be with people who accept them, to no longer feel so isolated and alone. Except theyíve been trained into a pattern of behavior that will only continue to isolate them. They are comfortable in their loneliness; itís the only thing they know. They may want people, and friendships and lovers, but they donít know that kind of life, what thatís like, and we like to stay with what is comfortable and safe. Better the devilÖ..

She probably felt isolated living on Vulcan, being so emotional and well, just very odd for a Vulcan, my guess she wasnít the most popular girl in school, at lunchtime she probably had to sit at the loser table with the girl who smelled like cat pee and the gay albino kid in the Babylon 5 t-shirt. So she goes to Earth, a planet full of people who donít trust her and donít like her, just because of the shape of her ears. However, there is a compound full of Vulcans that she now has something in common with (everybody here hates us), and that simply will not do. So she puts herself in a place where she is the only Vulcan around for light years, and starts poking people with verbal sticks. Cause thatíll get her liked. But wait, she doesnít need to be liked, sheís got a whole support structure back on Vulcan, sheís got her Mom, who hates everything about her, her fiancť, who she hates everything about, and her Father, presumably dead, and not at all Soval nor Romulan spy. So yeah, why the hell would she need to be building alliances. But even though she had gotten herself good and isolated and lost in space, there was still that constant threat of being able to return to Vulcan, so she better make sure that her behavior out here, if it doesnít get her exiled (cross your fingers, hope, hope) will at least make her a pariah. So, letís expose a hidden listening post, destroy a monastery, ditch my lovely fiancť for these barbarians, leave the High command, yada, yada, yada. But look, while you were so busy trying to make sure no Vulcan would ever like you, this one human started liking you a little too much, donít ask me why, maybe he got hit on the head a few too many times. Damn TíPol, I donít know how your gonna get out of this one, looks like your just gonna have to have a relationship with someoneÖÖ.wait you did what?! You slept with him, lead him on, then married some other dude?!! Damn. Thatís great, really just great, thereís no way heís gonna like you after thisÖ.wait, heís still hanging around? Man, heís either really thick, really determined, or really masochistic.

Itís not like she ever goes out of her way to screw herself over, but she loves it when an opportunity comes along to do so. Even the TD addiction, perhaps her most deliberate act of self-destruction, was still weirdly passive. The initial exposer wasn't deliberate, and my understanding is that the only effect was the lowering of her emotional barrier, and that her emotions were the cause of her breakdown. See, it's not like liquor, which kills your liver, or meth, which explodes your heart, it just lowers your inhibitions, and so long as you donít let them get the better of you, and only do it in moderatÖoh no, looks like someoneís choking Trip in the shower, well guess that planís is out the window isnít it?

So, it would seem in keeping with her character that she would use this latest Deus ex Machina to insure her everlasting misery. She has a perfectly charming man, who loves her and is loyal to a fault, who is willing to deal with her issues and help her cart around her massive load of baggage (a nine-piece matching leopard-print Gucci set, complete with garment bag and train case), so yeah you gotta kick that brother to the curb. And I know some people will think she just trying to get her shit together, to find out what it really means to be Vulcan, to do whatever it is that Surak wants her to do, but since the whole Vulcan Civil War (on a side note, did I miss the whole war part, it seemed more like a Vulcan Civil Minor Disturbance) fell a little flat for me, I see this as more of TíPolís self-destruction, another thing for her to hide behind. I donít like this whole Surak-worship thing either, he wasnít a god, he was just a man, like any other man, just as fallible, just as corporeal, just as able to have his views coloured by his own prejudices and misinformation, and I really donít like the idea of TíPol changing her whole life because of what he said in his magical pyramid box o' wisdom.

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