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Trip and T'Pol Calendar - 2006

Thanks to all the wonderful contributors who made the third annual Trip/T'Poler calendar possible! Enjoy, everyone!

And enjoy the calendars at íTrip!, Archer*Trip, and Trip*Malcolm.

by Jenna
FEBRUARY, version 1
by Kit
FEBRUARY, version 2
by Kit
FEBRUARY, version 3
by Kit
MARCH, version 1
by Hoshissis
MARCH, version 2
by Hoshissis
by myst123
by Trippy
JUNE (large version)
by groovekittie
JUNE (small version)
by groovekittie
JULY, version 1
by MoaningMinnie
JULY, version 2
by MoaningMinnie
by Jedikatie
by Misplaced
by y2kelly
NOVEMBER, version 1
by evay
NOVEMBER, version 2
by evay
by pueblo

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Eight hardy souls have made comments

Awesome calendars everyone! I'm especially in love with Kit's 3rd February calendar and y2kelly's October calendar! Great work everyone! Oh yah, and the December one Pueblo did is so festive and well done!

People who did February, September, and November. What a great job! I got my wish for x-mas Enterprise seasons 3& 4. YAY

These are fabulous!! Being a saucy MU vixen, I'm a bit partial to October's and November's! LOL

And evay, I love the lyrics to that Phil Collin's song. (I'm a huge fan... maybe someday I'll make a video to "Groovy Kind of Love")

Beautiful calendar, and thanks to myst and evay for putting it all together. I especially love the photo selections for Jan and the caption.

Those calenders are great!!

Are the old calenders archived anywhere? I'm trying to find an image from one of the old calenders. That ivymae picture with Trip and T'Pol in old-school TOS costumes. Any help with that would be appreciated.

We had to take down the old calendars because we ran out of server space. Is this the one you want?


Wow. June? Brilliant use of photoshop paint. Love it.