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Cease Fire

“Trip-centric” Enterprise SPOILERS
by zealousgirl

Cease Fire
Production 041
First Air Date: 2/11/2003 in Canada (2/12/2003 in US on UPN)
Mission Date: unknown

Director: David Straiton
Written By: Chris Black

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Star Trek or Paramount. I do this for amusement and not for profit. Be forewarned that this will be seen through the biased eyes of a proud Tuckerite!!!

Note: At the request of some in this forum, I will try to focus on what is happening with Trip in these spoilers. I will only briefly talk about non-Trip scenes, so if you want more details check out Li’s Trekpulse review.

About ‘Cease Fire’: Initially I thought that there was not going to be much of Trip in this show. But the last few bridge scenes were great – he really showed his command ability (Yeah Trip!!!)

Synopsis (from StarTrek.com):
A military conflict erupts between the Vulcans and Andorians over a small terraformed planet that both sides make claim to. In the midst of the skirmish, the Vulcans announce they wish to discuss terms for a cease-fire, but Imperial Guard officer Shran believes the only one he can trust to mediate such a negotiation is Jonathan Archer, so the captain and his ship are called into the fray.


The show starts by showing the surface of a grey war-torn planet. In a messy room, on the planet, a bunch of Andorians limp in. The female Andorian, Tara, approaches Shran and explains that the enemy may have found their weakness (don’t know who the enemy is right now). Shran says that he just received word that the Vulcans want to discuss a cease fire. (I guess it’s the Vulcans) Tara is doubtful. Shran says that there is one person who can help: “A pink skin, who has proved himself in the past – Archer.”



Archer is in his ready room speaking to Admiral Forrest. Apparently, Soval had requested his presence on a highly disputed planet (Paan Mokar to the Vulcans or Weytahn to the Andorians) to serve as mediator. Forrest emphasizes that this is an important mission as it is the first time the Vulcans ask for their help.

~In the dining room~

Trip, T’pol and Archer are having a meal. Trip is watching his glass vibrate as the warp engines are being pushed to their limits in order to get to the planet ASAP. “The injectors are run at 110%”

T’pol counters with: “They’re rated for 120%.”

Trip replies: “And my underwear is flame-retardant. That doesn’t mean that I am going to light myself on fire to prove it.”

Archer tries to reassure him that Enterprise will be fine. He then goes on to talk about the history of the disputed planet. T’pol explains that the sole value of the planet is its strategic location, close to Vulcan space.

Trip seems unimpressed by the fact that Andorian colonist who had made the previously uninhabitable planet now inhabitable, were forced off by the Vulcans nearly a century before. He gives T’pol a circumspect expression as she is rationalizing the Vulcans’ behavior.

~Enterprise now orbiting the planet~

They are waiting for the Vulcan delegation to board Enterprise. Trip is pacing and is frustrated: “Unbelievable. I damn near burn up the warp reactor getting here. And, they make us wait.”

Soval arrives with a Vulcan aid (actually his name is Subcommander Muroc and he is just as high-and-mighty as Soval). Soval is displeased because Shran had requested Archer personally. Archer is surprised since he thought Soval had requested him. They have a discussion about what had been happening over the previous few days. Soval says that Shran will return 3 Vulcan military hostages if Archer acts as mediator.

Archer turns and smirks at Trip, and then paces the room. “You’re asking for my help.”

Soval confirms that he is asking for Archer’s help. Archer casually responds with “I’ll see what I can do.”

Soval now becomes more aggressive with Archer. He reminds him of the monastery incident etc… where his encounters with Andorians had led to problems for the Vulcans. He says that Muroc will accompany him. Archer refuses to let anyone but T’pol go down.


Phlox needs to prepare Archer with a bombardment of radiation to protect his immunity. Archer is put into decon. They talk about about the role of Enterprise being not only for exploration but also diplomacy. Phlox gives advice: “Battlefields are unpredicatable even under a flag of truce. Be careful”


Archer and T’pol are going down to the planet. T’pol is talking about the treaties and all the other research information that he had been given. He says that he had skimmed through it. She feels he is ill-prepared and hopes that at least he has a plan. He says Shran first needs to trust him, and then they will play it by ear.

~On the planet~

Archer and T’pol are now walking along darkened streets of the war-torn settlement. They are ambushed by a group of Andorians, who are not happy to see a Vulcan. Archer convinces them to take them to Shran. They are brought to the messy room, with a hood over their heads. Archer is pushed into a chair and the hood s removed. He makes a witty remark about this not being what he expects for his first diplomatic mission. Shran responds with a comment about the ‘pink skin’s sense of humor’.


Shran apologizes for the behavior of his soldiers, but they have to be careful when dealing with Vulcans. Archer demands to see the hostage. They are allowed to peek at them. All 3 Vulcans are safe. T’pol confronts Tara. She says that the Andorians have brought this upon themselves as they have broken the “Territorial Compromise”. Tara says it’s more like oppression. They have a heated discussion.

Shran’s gives his demands for releasing the hostage: withdrawal of all Vulcan military forces, annulment of the previous deal, and giving Weytahn to Andoria.

Archer asks if he seriously believes that the Vulcans will cave in that easily. Archer and Shran talk about best to deal with the Vulcans. Archer tries to convince them to release the hostages. Shran agrees to release one as a show of good faith.


Soval refuses to go down on the surface. He does not trust them, even though Shran released one of the hostages. He patronizes Archer. He does not feel obliged to take his advice. After more talking (blah, blah, blah), they decide to all go down to the surface.

As they board the shuttlepod, Trip speaks with Archer. “I don’t like this. With all the interference you won’t be able to contact the ship if something goes wrong.” Archer says that they’ll be fine. Trip is also worried about approaching Andorian ships, and reminds Archer that it took 8 years to negotiate the last treaty. Archer ignores his concern and leaves. Trip is left standing with his hands behind his back, and lets out a big sigh.

~Messy room~

Shran and the female, Tara, are arguing about the whole plan. She wants to attack but he wants to give Archer a chance.


Archer advices Soval about what will happen on the planet. Then the Shuttlepod is shot at, and they crash. (I think Trip and Malcolm really need to get together and spiffy up the weapons on their shuttlepods – they do get shot down a lot)


~On the planet~

Archer steps out of the shuttlepod with phaser in hand; T’pol and Soval follow him. Soval says that he was with the military force that was on the planet 100 years ago; he was involved with the previous negotiations. Soval and Archer argue about what to do next. Archer wants to find Shran. And, so they set off.


Trip is standing in the middle of the bridge getting a report from Muroc on the viewscreen. He explains that the superior Vulcan sensors detected weapons fire and the shuttlepod had crashed. Muroc says that people on the group have been told to recover Ambassador Soval.

Malcolm chirps in with “and our officers?”

Trip declares that Enterprise wants to be involved in any rescue operation. Muroc says that they are quite capable of doing this themselves. Trip: “I know. I once saw one of your commando unit blast the hell out of a rebel compound during a rescue mission.” (he is sneering while he says this) Trip tries to reason with Muroc, but is told only that he will be kept informed and then ends the transmission without letting Trip say anything else.

Trip looks discouraged. He checks with Hoshi to see if she has located them yet, but no luck. He checks with Travis on the status of the approaching Andorian ships. When he hears that it will be 3 hours before they arrive, he looks reflective.

~Messy room~

Shran is upset because the Shuttlepod was shot down. Tara says it must have been the Vulcans, so that in turn, the Andorians would be blamed. Shran is not convinced by this, and sends Tara to find Archer.


Archer and his gang are trying to find Shran’s headquarters. They hear weapons fire in the distance. Archer runs off to check what is ahead telling them to stay put. When T’pol objects, Archer says, “No offense but my ears are less likely to draw fire than yours.”

Soval: “What is their fixation with our ears?”

T’pol: “They are envious.”

Soval: “Do you realize you have picked up a slight human accent?” He proceeds to say that she was one of the most promising of his staff, and that had she stayed in San Francisco she would likely have a diplomatic post of her own. He questions why she has stayed on Enterprise, that others could assist them. She says that she finds the work gratifying. He says that that is an emotion. He questions her motivations further and says that she should consider another assignment.

T’pol: “Just because Captain Archer has earned my respect doesn’t mean that I have been contaminated by his emotions.” At that point Archer comes back and says the coast is clear and they head off.


Hoshi thinks she has found a human bio-sign and tells Trip. Travis informs him that the Andorian ships have just dropped out of warp. Malcolm says that it looks like the Vulcan ships have also detected them as they are breaking orbit. Trip tells Malcolm to put the ship on “Tactical alert”. (“Reed alert” – hee hee, remember Singularity)


Archer, T’pol and Soval are skulking around the dark, dirty settlement. Then there is more weapons fired. Soval is hit. They hid behind a barrier.


They are still being fired at. T’pol notes that the weapons are Andorian. Archer yells out that he has Soval but the phaser blasts keep coming. Archer is able to come up behind one of the Andorian and debilitates him.


Trip gives the order to put Enterprise between the Andorian and Vulcan ships, which have both charged their weapons. Malcolm: “If you don’t mind me asking, what do you have in mind?”

Trip sits back in the Captain’s chair, a serious look on his face, but doesn’t respond to the question.

~Back on planet~

Archer manages to find the 2nd Andorian shooter – Tara (now there’s a shock!!). He figures out that it is she that shot the shuttlepod. She says that Shran is a coward who won’t fight for what he believes. Archer thinks he has the upper hand, but then she attacks him and they have a good fist fight. Archer wins just as Shran and his soldiers arrive.

~Quick shot of Enterprise surrounded by multiple Andorian and Vulcan ships, then the bridge~

Hoshi: “We are being hailed by the Vulcans. . . and the Andorians.”

Trip: “Put them both on.” The viewscreen splits into 2 images: one of Murac and one of an Andorian. They introduce themselves and then tell Trip that Enterprise should withdraw to a safe distance. Murac and Velev argue for a bit, while Trip sits patiently.

He finally interjects. “I’ll open fire on any ship that makes an aggressive move. Phase-cannons?”

Malcolm: “Locked and ready.” (you can tell that he is just itching to blow something up!)

Murac says that it is not their concern.

Trip: “As long as my captain is stuck in the middle of your war zone, it is.”

Murac says that the Andorians have made it impossible to recover Archer, and imply that he is likely dead.

Trip: “Don’t count him out so fast. We’ve managed to isolate his bio-signature. Now. . .” He stands up (for dramatic effect) and with a look of fierce determination continues to speak. “Why don’t you both give him and Ambassador Soval a chance to do their jobs, before we start a war up here?” (Way to go Trip!!!)

~On planet~

Shran has difficulty believing that Tara betrayed him. She tries to convince him otherwise. Archer says that Shran has to believe him since he was the one that was willing to risk his life to bring Soval to the negotiations. Shran finally confronts Tara. She says that there are others that feel like she, as she is taken away by other Andorians.


Malcolm informs Trip that the Vulcan ships have broken formation and are heading for the planet. Trip tells Malcolm to target their weapons ( he wasn’t bluffing), but Hoshi gets a hail from the planet – it is Archer. Archer explains that they are well other than a minor injury to Soval and that the Andorians are allowing the Vulcans to come get them. He asks if they had any problems up there.

Trip: “Nothing we couldn’t handle. I’ll fill you in later.” Trip will send Travis down in Shuttlepod 2 ( because of course SP1 is toast – again). They cancel the tactical alert.

~situation room~

Soval is talking with Shran and they agree to disagree, drink something with alcohol in it, and plan to do some more discussing. As Soval is leaving Shran stays behind.

Shran: I think he likes you pink-skin.
Archer (dryly): I wouldn't go that far!

The end . . .

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