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Collide, by MissAnnThropic

A video by MissAnnThropic, to the song Collide by Dishwalla.

"Collide" didnít really have much of an inspiration. I was cruising in the car with my friend, she had her Dishwalla CD in, and when it got to "Collide" I started seeing images in my head for a video and went Ďdamn... well, Iíll have to make that.í --MissAnnTropic

Click on the following link, then right click and save on the "Download" link under the entry for "Song: Collide."

Collide, video by MissAnnThropic

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A hand of people have made comments

Wow, looks like I'm first up to comment on this new video. I'm a huge fan of the supremely talented Missanthropic ('On Fire' is one of my all time favourites)and this new one is brilliant. I didn't know the song, but the lyrics were perfect and the timing, as usual, was spot on. "It's a shame what we've become....when we hurt the ones we love." Trip and T'Pol seemed to spend so much wasted time hurting one another.....and then TATV definitely "is a place I cannot go anymore, either! Loved this video....pleeease do some more!?!

Great song and terrific video!!

Another great video! I'm with Pam - On Fire is still my absolute favorite. Listening to the radio the other day, I had a thought for a video - perhaps someone here will agree (as I do not have the means or the way or the talent to make it myself). "Ain't No Other Man" by Christina Aguilera. Perhaps a bit more Trip-centric in nature, but with plenty of tnt goodness and humor to boot. Regardless - please keep them comming.

Wonderful video! The song's lyrics are well-suited to Trip & T'Pol. Nice work.

cooooooool!! i love it