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Dare You to Move, by mommyJ

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I wanted to do one last video to remind me of the reason I started making videos in the first place - Trip and T'Pol!

I've loved watching the angst and tension, the teasing and the tenderness, the dares they took and even the ones they let pass them by.

Dare You To Move - 21MB

Dare You To Move - 10MB

I think you'll see that I was feeling quite nostagic when I made this one. Hope everyone has a wonderful summer! :)

If you found that the video had low volume and you'd like to crank it - (highly recommended :D ) - try this version (but you won't hear Trip's line at the end)
Louder 20MB
Louder 10MB

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A whole mess of folks have made comments

I think there's something wrong with the link; I am not able to download the video... hi

Sorry about that! The website goes down the odd time - it's still there though. I suggest you try back later. Thanks :)

Hi.It still doesn't work.Hope, it'll work soon!!Please,hurry up,I want to watch it!!:)

It doesn't work for me either. I hope you get it fixed soon. I love this song and can't wait to see what T/T footage you've found to go with it!

Just perfect!

The part where he sings "between who you are and who you could be and between how it is and how it should be" and T'Pol seeing the E-squared T'pol and during Home....Oh, that was so perfect! GREAT job. I loved the rest too.

i really like it
it fits the song soooo perfectly
great work !!!!

The first link is not working - if you remove the quotation mark from the end and it should be fine. Sorry about that!

Thanks for your comments - this one was fun to make!

Sorry, mommyJ, I have fixed the problem now! I misunderstood which of the links was the problem and fixed the wrong one!

Thanks Myst!

great video!!

What a wonderful video! The lyrics work so well. You did a masterful job with the editing; the timing was perfect. The overall effect is very moving. I can't wait to see more of your work.

That was... just, *wow*! "Dare You to Move" happens to be my absolute favorite song, and it fits perfectly---the timing is also just fabulous. When Trip was crying and T'Pol was comforting him, I'll admit I got a little teary-eyed. Thanks *so much* for this beautiful take on TnT.



P.S.- I loved Trip's line at the end! So true!

LOL, I loved this video! Some of the best clips, and great timing. "Welcome to the Planet" was like written for this, and "Between how it is and how it could be" was just genius! But while most of this is kinda serious, I found it hilariouse when it came to "Where can you run to escape from yourself"! I was like "aww.......aw.......aw....AHAHHAHA!" Great Job! And how can you not love it everytime you see T'Pol's look on the end? *BEEP* B&B!

WOW just wow thank you so much. It was great to watch.

That is freaking awesome! I love it! Great job!

I just love this video, I found it on YouTube, and scowered the net for a downloadable version! I am a long time Trekkie, but I am sad to say that I have never watched Enterprise, due to my work schedule.

This vid makes me want to watch it! Already searching Ebay for DVD's..............

nice vid

very nice......i just wish they were both together more in the series

Lovely video - perfect lyrics. The 'wedding scene' always makes me feel so sad and when Trip cries I always want to, too. No-one else has ever had that effect on me. Would have loved to have been there to comfort him!!!!