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Doctor Pressure, by MoaningMinnie

Normally we don't post crossover fiction or videos, but this does have T/T as part of the Trek and SciFi universe, and we enjoyed the video, so we decided to post the link! Enjoy! --myst123

Doctor Pressure

by MoaningMinnie

Music: Doctor Pressure by Mylo vs Miami Sound Machine

File size: roughly 13MB

Fandoms: Enterprise, Voyager, DS9, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG1 and Battlestar Galactica

Notes: This was the most fun I've ever had making a video (and also the most time consuming!!) It's basically just all the wacky things that go on in all our favourite fandoms, and focuses also on the people who have to sort out the problems (usually the Doctors). That's all I can really say, and the only word I can use to describe it is "fun." =D --MoaningMinnie

Doctor Pressure, roughly 13 MB (please right click and save as....thanks!)

NEW LINK!!! MM thnks this will be a much more stable site. (Sunday, October 1, 2006)

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Eight hardy souls have made comments

link does not work

Thanks for letting us know. Sometimes the direct link to the video doesn't work, so I put in a link to MM's video site as well. Try again!

myst, thanks very much for that! =D

still doesn't work cause she's so popular now! :-) Too much bandwidth for her service. Must be a good 'un! Can't wait!

Ok, I'm so sorry about this! (but thanks for the compliment "still doesn't work" ;D ) So I'm going to put it up on my other site. Watch this space.....

Unfortunatly could not downloaded.
account owner has run out of downloads. :(

there's no link working... it says "MediaMax account owner has run out of downloads"...

New link!!! Try again, and enjoy!