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emily's video with "Can't Take My Eyes Off You"

I've uploaded the larger version of emily's music video. Enjoy! (October 6, 2003)

Click here to play Can't Take My Eyes Off You

If clicking on the link doesn't work, try pasting this URL into the media player on your computer:


You can also right click on the link and save the music video to your computer. This will save us bandwidth! Thanks.

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A whole mess of folks have made comments

That was fantastic! Great job, Emily!

it's MUCH better bigger, but it wouldn't work in the email :(

i'm gonna try again so you can see it bigger and with better audio quality :)

Hot damn! You take the prize for Tnt obsession, Emily! And we thank you for it.

Excellent, I think this is the first Trip/T'Pol video I've seen! Great job and excellent choice of song, hope you'll do more!!

And you're right, it would be so much better if the pictures were bigger.

Thanks Emily, lovely video, and so glad I was able to see it, more please!

Great work Emily !! Is good to see all those long looks again.

Oh Emily! Awesome job girl! That was wonderful! Those two are so dang cute together, aren't they? Thanks so much for this!

thanks myst!! i for one am relieved that it FINALLY worked in the email :) so now you guys can all watch the bigger and longer one (even if the music sound quality still isn't THAT great :-D

More!!! More!!! More!!! Please :D!

Great video! I was laughing all throughout because the meaning of the song seemed such an irony to the way Trip and T'Pol consciously perceive each other. I can just imagine Trip conning her into dancing with him while this song is playing. ^_^

Adorable! Thanks for doing this.

I loved the video! I think the song should be a slower one like "Something In The Way She Moves".

Hey! I would love to see a T/T'/A one done to New Orders "Bizarre Love Triangle". That would be interesting! :)

Bring on more please!

I loved it!

Great work!

Oh damn, right on. Now if only I could hear one of the music videos to my fav song, "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain.......I think I'd be on permanent meltdown.

I loved it. I laughed my head off. I forgot how different T'pol looked in the first two seasons. The contrast is very striking. You really see the humanization of her appearance in season three.
It would be great to see the video updated with excerpts of "Similtude" incorporated into it.


Is there a hdtv version? ;-)

I just love it. And of course I saved it for future enjoyment.

loved it! it will keep me going until the mysterious february episode when they acknowledge their passion for one another.

i was suprised at the time assigned to my comment. it looks like gmt. are you guys located in england?

::watches music video:: Mmm. EXCELLENT choice of images! And a good song choice, as well.

suddenly hit me that i hadnt commented. Gr8 work exellant work, i htought a song to limp bizkit - behind blue eyes would be good for the two of them, the blue eyes bit for trip and the bit bout no one feels these feeling like i do and i blame you for t'pol.

Absolutely fabulous! I loved it! That made my day! I'm going to walk around for the rest of it with a grin on my face. Bravo!

Great! I'd love to see another soon Emily!!
Maybe one to the song "Dear Ben" by JLo! (It doesn't have the words Ben in it! anymore...:)
Can't wait for another!

great.its so cool.respect my friends.I from croatian in rijeka.Live long and prosper

Ya'll did a good job :)

Loved it... good choice of song and clips... Way to go!

I live in UK, no cable or anything and I sorely miss our favourite couple (waiting expectantly for May to come and the DVD to be realised!!)This was fantastic though, fantastic song and film, it was great! Brilliant Work!

Cool! absolutely Fantastic!!!

I rewatch this video every week, it's so pretty! I love it!
Can you do something like that but using 3rd and 4th seasons of ENT too? I mean, you should not stop doing such trailers! :)

video are not opened


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vc mimindo e eu aki viajando em vc...