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Männer sind Schweine, by T'eyla

This is not a Trip and T'Pol video, but rather a general video with some moments of T/T. However, it is pretty funny, and I think we all need a laugh. Of course, the reality is T'Pol is the swine in the T/T relationship, not Trip! :D

In German with English subtitles.

(just click on the "Free" - button at the bottom of the page)

Männer sind Schweine , video by T'eyla.

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Half a dozen of you have made comments

Wahahaha. Its hilarious!!!!! Thanks for making me laugh. :)

Love that. Very very funny.

The vid can´t be downloaded. There must have been too much traffic on the homepage... :-(

hey i wanted to watch it , but i don't know german, i think was wrong with it is, it might be hard to download

@ miza: In just a few words. "Too mach traffic, page momentary shot down..." :(

There should be a warning on this: Watch this while on the toilet because you will pee your pants laughing!!!! Awesome!