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Mockingbird, by mommyj246

Here's some more fun with Observer Effect set to a wickedly circular song that instantly made me think of Trip and T'Pol.

This time around Trip has the one condition that is universally incurable - and he likes it that way. :wink: (Right click and save!)

Mockingbird 20MB by Low Millions(NOT Eminem!!)

Mockingbird 10MB

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A whole mess of folks have made comments

Excellent!! I love the story it's telling and the way you structured it-- using OE clips and during the chorus using the T/T centric clips. Overall a very well paced video. Thumbs up! :)

Me next. Loved it along with all the others you've done.

That was awesome. I really love the song too!

Well done! I really liked this one. It was nice to see some different images and some Malcom and Travis too. Excellent song!
Thank you

Very Very nice. Very entertaining and enjoyable. You made my night. Thanks. T.

I watched this again. So good. It is perfect! Thanks.

You're welcome! It's such a cute song I just couldn't resist :)

Wow---that was fantastic. Never heard that song before, but it works perfectly.

That's so cute! And very fitting for Trip and T'Pol. Thanks for making it!

Awesome. I don't think I've seen a video by you that I don't like! LOL

Great stuff!

Really good! The lyrics just work wonderfully, and I loved your pictures.

This was fab. Thanks so much. Observer Effect is one of my favourite episodes so you can't go wrong. Plus all the great Trip n T'Pol angst. Great video. Great quality!