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Wicked Games, by HighteeHeller

We can't link directly to this video by HighteeHeller. Click on the following link to find "Wicked Games in the 2004 Videos file at EntSTCommunity."

Wicked Games, by HighteeHeller

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A whole mess of folks have made comments

This video is extremely good! Excellent coordination of the scenes with the music. Professional quality. I'd love to see more from you.

Great vid! Thank you so much for doing it!


*drools* That was great, but I already said that. *watches it again*

That was fantastic - agree with Snugly that it's professional quality. Here's to hoping you can do more videos soon! :)

Wow. If I wasn't already decidedly a Trip/T'pol shipper, this vid very well might would have converted me. This was just yummy.

What a wonderful video. Great job.

I love that song!

Thanks all!

Yay, I got to see it! wow, great job HH. Did they really kiss THAT much?! Amazing what slow mo can do for people, huh?

(gulp) Wow...that was as wicked as the song. Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!

The link to this video is now broken. Does anyone know where the video is now available?

I don't know, i'm having the same problem. Can anybody help???