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You Must Love Me, by Misplaced

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You Must Love Me, from Andrew Lloyd Weber's "Evita", sung by Madonna, video by Misplaced.

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A whole mess of folks have made comments

Wow, great stuff there star! :D Good scene grabs!

Thank you! :-)

Beautifully done.

This is gorgeously done...I love the way you've edited this together.

Very beautiful..."es inspirador"

God....that was lovely! Expertly done.

Thank you so much for your comments everyone! :)

I can't express how much I loved this video!!!
Well done!!

i'm so in love with it!

What a wonderful video. Trip and T'pol are so perfect together.

spoiler space
Its makes the series finale even more disppointing.The writers are passing on the opportunity of giving us a fitting ending for the best Star Trek couple EVER.


That was awesome! Great song choice.And, of course,the beautiful shower scene.Very nice!

Whoa! That was great. It was so well timed and the spoken lines you added in from Trip added so much to the feel of the whole video. Thanks for your hard work.

Heart wrenchingly beautiful. I'm simply in awe of your abilities, startraveller.

Also, it just drives home what a cryin' shame it is that the show is endin'(said in my best Trip voice).

To Bether6074:


Gah. I've had so much of the finale spoiled for me by folks who refused to put warnings on their rantings about the finale in places where there was no reason to think there'd BE spoilers...!

Mucho apologies to Bether6074, as it was Ocean who posted the spoilers. But, my point stands.

Sci, Sorry about that. I added spoiler space for Ocean.

I love this video...it makes me tear up every time I watch it. Great job!

This is sooooooooooooo great!!!!
well done
I luv it

Ok, Startraveller, I hope you read this because it is straight from the heart. This is the BEST music video, in my humble opinion, of all. No offense is meant to all the other talented music video makers because you all blow my mind with your artistic and technical abilities. However, this one is just unbelievably moving and perfect and hopeful. The song is right. The scenes are in sync. The dialog is perfection. Startraveller, it is my most fervent hope that you create another video after the show finale. Please.

Just one postscript. All that comes to my mind when the scene of Trip in robes at T'Pol's wedding appears is "Worst Vacation Ever." (thank you MommyJ) :)

^^^^^ You're welcome! ;)

Startraveller that was very, very well done. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

Incredibly, beautifully done! It made my heart flutter....*sighs*

Startraveller, we're waiting anxiously for your final video. Please exclude the sucky finale show. I wish I had never seen it.

What more can I say.............thankyou.

It's soooooo beautiful!!! You done it perfectly!!!

I just can't stop watching this. It is so beautiful and expertly done. This is actually the first of these videos I have seen. You seem to have the right feeling for this :)
I keep wondering how this is done - I mean how to create a video? What programs do all of you folks use? I wish I could make one myself :))

And yes.... if you are going to make a new video, don't put the finale show in it. I hate what the producers and co decided to do.

Wow I got all flakempt and teary watching that, beautifully done!

Thanks everyone! I can't believe that people are still watching this! :-)

I used Windows Movie Maker to make this video. It's a pretty simple program, sort of editing for Dummies...but it can be limited and a general pain in the arse since it crashes a lot! LOL

But it's worth it in the end. :)

Best Trip T'Pol video I have ever seen!!! Well done and amazingly edited. The fact that you included the voices with those key lines was very very powerful! Well done.

Love, Ally

Just watched this gorgeous video for the first time and now I feel all gooey and mushy inside!!! Goes without saying I'm a hopeless romantic and I loved the way you edited Trip's heavenly voice into the music. Thanks, it was great!