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Connor Trinneer Photos

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A whole mess of folks have made comments

The inside enterprise link dont go to anywhere other than an error, but like the oter pics

The link is fixed. Sorry about that.

I got all the pics including the thumbnails, just had to be VERY patient! Worth the wait, some nice shots of Connor and Scott relaxing on set.

OMG i h8 u american ppl with ure documentries!!!!!!!!!! i wanna see summet like that blasted english TV!!!!!! Love the piccies

What great pics!! I really want to see them!! Maybe TV on the UK will get better some day!!

awesome photos!

Wow. Love that ad. *swoons*

Woah, i've never seen this add before. And that was Canary Wharf. Not far at all man can't believe he was in the uk. Damn he looks good in that commercial though.

You know what i wonder though.....if there any out takes of the show. I mean there must be...and if there is will they allow them to be aired. Cos i am a BuffyTVS fan and recently new unaired footage has been made known to us fans....So i wonder if they'd do the same with Enterprise, because i sure wanna see the scene with Trip/T'Pol in Decon because you just know they both would have been cracking up on that scene with what was happening. It's not like he could have hid it.

Holy hell hes so freakin hot!

Thanks to whoever found the UK Club Med ad. It's just terrific. And doesn't CT look adorable!!!

Oh, and by the way, CT's Sliders episode (that the screencaps are from) is schedule to air on Scifi on 11/10/04. Check your local listings.

i love the ClubMed advert! i'm so hooked on that song! does anyone know what song that is?

Whoever found this ad THANKSĦĦ

that film thing is so cool.. i loved it!! He's so cute in it!!

Love the commercial - so well made, and of course CT is so cute and handsome. Anyone know the song that was playing in the ad?

The first 9 screencaps of the Inside Enterprise Documentary don't work, they lead to an 'The page cannot be found' page!

still no luck in finding out the song for the commercial i see!

Sorry about that. I fixed the links. I forgot to find out about the commercial song. I'll ask!

Wow! that was quick! much appreciated myst123 Thank You!

i sure hope you can find out what the song is called!

it's just so unfair how beautiful he is

OMG!!! I watched that best commericals special thingy and I totally remember that commercial! I remember that being the best eff-ing commercial in the entire stupid show, and now I know why!!!!!!!!!!

God, he's so CUTE!

omg CT is so adorable in the commercial!!! i sent it to all my friends haha! any news about what the song in the commerical is?

No, I've asked around, but no one knows the song from the commercial.

WOW!! What a great commercial!! That's one of the best I have seen (even if Connor is not in it). Really like the song too. Tried to google for it based on the lyrics but didn't come up with any matches. Maybe it's a song written just for the commercial?

we got the club med ad here in Australia on world's greatest commercials a few years ago. I was very excited to see Trip/Connor on it. I can't see Connor as anyone else except Trip Tucker, it's weird to see him in something else!

Good God he looks goog in that ad.
There should be laws against looking that cute.
(i think i prefer the blonde hair though)

I can't stop smiling after seeing that ad.
Goodness he's always been sooooo good looking.

that ad is absolute must see tv!
and i can`t stop smiling too... just seeing it makes you happy
grat one!

I love the ad. That man is too beautiful.

I adore the ad and connor is so damm beautiful and i know why i am a tuckerite. he rocks my world