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Logical Life-Mates - Part 2

Logical Life-Mates

by FireStar

Rated NC-17

Disclaimer: I do not Own Star Trek in any of its forms. Sadly, it was invented by Gene Rodenberry and belongs to the corporations now.



XVII (Lost Cause)

The prosecution rested its case and Jonathan Archer rose slowly. He took a deep breath and called Ambassador Soval to the bench. The Ambassador was sworn in and he glared at Archer. The idea that he might lie was offensive to him. Yet he understood why the Captain was doing this. It was all about presentation.

“Ambassador, do you feel Corporal Cole did her duty to you?”

Soval looked at the tribunal and in a clear voice said “She followed all of the orders she was given Captain.”

“Do you believe she protected you to the best of her ability given those orders? Do you know who ordered her to return to her station? Do you believe that we have the right to convene this hearing?”

“Yes, Corporal Cole protested leaving me. She was, however, ordered to resume her station. The orders to do this came from Lt. Reed who stated that the Captain ordered everyone to stations. When she would have disobeyed that order to leave me, I commanded her to go. No, this hearing is not appropriate given the circumstances.”

“Thank you, Ambassador. Sir, I reserve the right to ask more in a moment.”

“Agreed, Captain. Commander, do you have questions for this witness?” Admiral Forrest asked.

“Yes, Sir. Ambassador Soval, why do you believe this is not appropriate? Why would the Corporal obey your orders and not those of her superior officers? Why would she risk a court marshal to stay at your side?”

Archer looked down and smiled. He had hoped that this question would be asked by the Commander.

Commander Tucker grinned and looked at his own wife who merely crossed her arms. Malcolm Reed looked down and away fighting to hide his own amusement. The stoic Armory officer was hard pressed not to smile.

Jonathan Archer counted to ten slowly waiting for the bomb shell to drop.

“Amanda Cole is a citizen of Vulcan. She must by law obey the orders of its Ambassador,” Soval said calmly. He was going to enjoy making the Terrans squirm.

The Tribunal all looked at him in shock. Then they looked at T’ Pau for confirmation and she merely nodded her head in acknowledgement fighting her own amusement.

Commander Fields looked up in shock. He blurted out “How is it she is a citizen of Vulcan?”

Ambassador Soval looked at him sharply. He was clearly not used to explaining himself. Admiral Forrest took a deep breath and waited.

“Amanda Cole is a member of the House of Surak, and as such she is a citizen of Vulcan. As a citizen obeying her Ambassador she committed no breach of duty.”

“How in Hades name did that happen?” the Commander demanded. “No human has ever been granted Vulcan Citizenship.”

Amanda giggled unable to resist. She got a firm look from Commander Fields.

“She married into the House of course. Upon her marriage her name was added to the clan roles and she of course became a citizen.”

“Married? Who’d she marry?” He could not imagine when an enlisted MACO could have met a Vulcan of such high stature let alone have had time to marry them.

Soval stood up now patience ending. The answer should have been fairly obvious to all. He looked at Amanda and commanded: “My Wife, Attend.”

He held out two fingers. Amanda scrambled to her feet and was at his side in an instant. Her fingers touched his. Soval glared at the Admirals. “You will cease this foolishness at once. Amanda is not yours to command. She is my wife and is bound to obey my commands. A wife must always yield to her husband’s will. I ordered her to obey Lt. Reed’s command. I did not believe that there would be any danger to myself. Amanda however was right to want to remain. I was kidnapped and then recovered. I have suffered no lasting harm. As to why it is inappropriate, the fact is, as my wife she has diplomatic immunity so you may not charge her.”

Soval looked at the tribunal with contempt.

Admiral Gardner’s face showed rage. He could not believe that the Vulcan Ambassador would show them so little respect. He was not about to allow that slight to pass.

“That is not possible. When did you marry the girl? It is clear you wish to protect her. Her? I find it hard to believe you would marry her to do that. ”

“You will speak with respect to she who is my wife,” Soval said coldly. Two of the Vulcan Guards tensed. “We were bonded before this incident. We were married by Captain Archer,” Soval said, speaking the full truth in the proper order.

Commander Fields looked at Jonathan Archer. ”You did not inform Starfleet of this?”

“The ambassador requested we wait until Amanda’s family was told. It seemed like a logical request at the time,” Jonathan Archer said simply. “I did try to inform you before we began today.”

Admiral Forrest now understood why Soval was so agitated. He knew enough about Vulcans to know that they were extremely protective of their families, especially their wives. He knew that this was getting into dangerous territory.

“How do we know this?” Gardner said angry. He disliked the MACO because
she had once rejected his advances. Amanda moved closer to Soval, forgetting they were touching as she recalled the event.

Soval’s face darkened. “Amanda is my wife by your laws and bonded mate by Vulcan’s. She has all the privileges that includes. She will be released from her enlistment or assigned as my guard until it is finished. It is your choice. I will not allow you to use her as a pawn or scapegoat.”

Admiral Forrest could see this falling into a full diplomatic incident. He stood up.

“We had no idea, Ambassador. I congratulate you both on your marriage.” He forestalled Gardner’s next rant. He swallowed as he glared at Archer.

“I will of course dismiss the charges. Clearly there has been a miscommunication.”

“No,“ Gardner said. “That is not acceptable. We should dismiss her with a dishonorable discharge. She violated orders and policy.”

“Why?” Captain Archer asked. “She has done no wrong. Bringing charges was a waste of time. She acted under orders as any good soldier would.”

“She did not have permission to marry,” Gardner said, “As an enlisted person she must have her commanding officer’s permission. In this case Starfleets.”

Archer’s brow rose. He had not considered that possible charge. He had not thought to ask Starfleet about this. After all he had given permission.

Amanda had had enough. She stood up. “With respect, Sir, I do not need permission. I did ask Captain Archer if it violated the regulations. He said it did not. I ask Commander T’Pol if it violated Vulcan laws she said it did not. With respect, Sir, I am an adult. I bonded with Soval of my own free will. He is my husband and the father of my unborn child.”

That statement stopped Gardner mid rant. His jaw hit the floor. He looked at her incredulously.

Both of T’Pau’s brows rose at that statement. It seemed it was time for her to step in before relations were damaged by the human’s emotional responses.

“May I address the Tribunal?”

Forrest nodded, too stunned to speak.

“I speak with the Voice of Vulcan. Ambassador Soval and his wife are citizens of our world. They are entitled to all the protections we can give them. We recognize this union and if necessary will fight to preserve it. No one may interfere with a bonded couple; It is one of our most sacred laws.” Her steely gaze made even Admiral Forrest Flinch.

Captain Tate spoke. “Surly you must want justice. Someone must pay for the ambassadors kidnapping?”

“We wish justice, Captain. Vulcan understands that mistakes can happen. We have no desire for the innocent to pay for such errors,” T’ Pau said.

XVIII (Submission)

Gardner fumed. He knew he could not win this argument. He glared at Jonathan Archer and his command staff. It was more then clear that Enterprise’s senior staff had known the truth.

Admiral Forrest silenced any retort he would have made. “We will of course honor your request, Lady T’Pau. We value Vulcan as a friend and ally.”

Captain Tate looked on and almost felt sorry for the Admirals. He had been ordered to sit on this tribunal but in his heart he agreed with Jonathan Archer this had been a witch hunt.

The court was dismissed it became clear that fence mending was needed. Captain Archer suggested they all retire to the Mess hall to have something to eat and talk in a more congenial manner.

So now we have to get along? Soval sent “Let us go be diplomatic then. He scowled.

Well, Soval, you are the diplomat, Amanda sent, fighting not to giggle. He was even more crusty then usual. He was clearly not ready to kiss and make up with Starfleet.

Admiral Gardner could sense Ambassador Soval’s contempt for him and for Starfleet. He had always suspected that the Vulcan disliked and distrusted them. Now he had proof of this and he could do little about it as long as Admiral Forrest was in charge. His superior was clearly not happy with the turn of events. Gardner was certain that the only thing that had prevented a full diplomatic incident was the long standing friendship between the human and Vulcan. This entire situation was intolerable, Captain Archer should have informed them of this relationship. The situation was now highly dicey and it would become controversial as well, once Earth’s press got a hold of the facts. Starfleet was still suffering three years later from the Terra-Prime incident. What was Soval thinking? There surely could be no viable offspring produced? What would it mean to human and Vulcan relations if the child survived? Gardner knew that if Dr. Phlox was in charge of the care of Amanda Cole then the chances were reasonable that the fetus could be born. He refused to call it a baby because it was in his opinion an abomination like Tucker and T’Pol’s brat. Fortunately his involvement in Terra Prime had never been discovered. He could still act if he was careful.

Amanda was feeling uneasy around all the staff officers. She was still, despite her new marriage, just a MACO. She moved closer to Soval, determined to guard him because she truly did not trust Admiral Gardner. Admiral Forrest was a good man and she respected him deeply. She had no doubt that he had been acting in good faith. His apology had been heartfelt and honest. Amanda found she understood why Soval considered the man a friend.

T’Pol went over to Amanda’s side. She could sense the MACO’s discomfort and thought to ease it.

“Sub-Commander,” Amanda said.She bowed her head slightly in acknowledgement.

T’Pol addressed Amanda, “I believe it may be wise for me to give you this.” She handed Amanda a small PADD with various customs and traditions outlined. “I know thy husband will help you learn our ways but perhaps it might be easier if you have a reference point. I know how hard it is to adapt to a different culture and traditions.”

Amanda was surprised and oddly pleased at this first apparent olive branch. “Thank you. I would prefer not to be totally ignorant,” She said. “Would you like me to write one for you?” She was willing to return the favor.

“That would be most helpful. I have learned many human behaviors but it would be wise to learn more.”

“Why is that, Sub-Commander?” Admiral Forrest asked, his tone polite and inquiring.

T’Pol was taken aback and was uncertain how to answer without lying. Amanda came to her rescue. “Sir, Sub-Commander T’Pol has been a wonderful XO. I think she would like to become more skilled. After all, Sir, humans are not logical and we are bound to confuse Vulcans. Now I have only been on Enterprise about six months but even I can see where cultural miscommunication can occur. I mean, sometimes just our slang can cause confusion. This morning for example I said I was hungry enough to eat a horse.”

As Amanda expected T’Pol looked sick. “See. They don’t understand it is an idiom.”

“OH. Yes, I suppose that communication would be improved. Sub-Commander, perhaps if you have time you could produce a PADD for Starfleet?”

Amanda looked away trying not to laugh. T’Pol now recovered, nodded.

“I would be honored, sir. Though perhaps a linguist might be better suited to the task.”

“Yes, of course. I would not wish to take away from your duties. I will speak to Ambassador Soval later about it,.” the Admiral said, knowing full well that Soval was not in a receptive mood right now.

Captain Archer hurried to see what was keeping Chef. He had no intention of allowing this to become a problem. The sooner the Admirals were gone the better it would be for all of them. He noticed T’ Pau was observing them all very closely and felt like a kid on his best behavior. He resisted pulling at his collar. The Vulcan leader seemed to catch everything. He was fairly certain she had deduced the relationship between T’Pol and Trip. She did not, however, seem inclined to expose them. He hoped there would be no difficulties over that.

Chef brought out the main course. Jonathan Archer smiled as he caught the look sent. The dish was one of his favorites. If you had told him 7 years ago he would learn to love vegetarian lasagna he would have laughed. Even the cheese was something he loved to munch on. He called everyone to the table and they all took their places. Even T’ Pau seemed interested in the food. For once he was grateful for the Vulcan customs of silence during a meal.

XIX (Orders and Resignation.)

“Any future alien relationships must be reported to Starfleet at one,” Admiral Gardner said.

“Yes, Sir, any future new relationship must be approved,” Jonathan Archer said. ”About Corporal Cole?”

“We will have orders sent assigning her to guard the ambassador until her enlistment is over. We have arranged an exchange program,” Forrest said.

Jon smiled. “Wonderful. So will I be getting an other Vulcan officer?”

“No, Jon, I think perhaps Columbia could use one,” Forrest said, smiling.

T’Pol’s brow rose at that. She was grateful Trip had gone over to the Surak to check out the engines. His smirk would have given them away for certain.

T’Pau watched the young human engineer and was impressed at the questions he asked. She considered what having such a man on Vulcan would do to the society. She found he was highly gifted and now she could understand what had attracted her cousin to him. There was a certain innocence to him, a wonder at learning and growing that was all too often missing after a few years in space. It seemed that Vulcan was indeed going to have to learn to embrace humanity. If two such well rounded and logical Vulcans could choose mates from among them it was only a matter of time before more Vulcans discovered how fascinating humans were. She decided it would be wise for the researchers to find a way to produce viable offspring. It would be unfortunate to lose such important family lines.

Tucker looked up from his work and was surprised to see he was being observed. “Ma’am, Is there something I can help you with?”

“I was observing your technique on the injectors. Is there a reason you removed the protective coating?”

“Yes. It is a better conductor. We do not have to clean them as often. By doing this we have reduced time by about ten percent…” Trip was surprised, he did not know T’Pau was an engineer.

“Efficiency is improved, but does it affect the safety?” She asked.

“Not that we have noticed. In fact with less build up of residue I believe safety has increased. I can send you the details of the procedure and all our tests,” Trip offered.

Once more T’Pau was surprised. There was no hesitancy in Commander Tucker’s offer. He acted as if it was the most natural thing in the world to share information with her people. T’Pau considered the ways they had restrained humanity and found this attitude surprising. She had chosen to allow the Human access because she trusted him and now it seemed that trust was well placed. Of course the fact that Soval had adopted the crew helped foster that trust. She was willing to admit that the trust was greatest in the senior staff. She trusted Archer like a brother now because of the bondings of Tucker and Amanda Cole. The rest of the senior staff was loyal to Archer and that earned them their places. The crew was accepted because of the debt Vulcan owed them.

“We found a few ways to tweak the engines, “Trip said. “I think if we had a dock we could perhaps get the ship to warp six with a few adjustments. The new injectors helped a lot, we can now maintain speed for a lot longer.”

T’ Pau was curious why the human thought that. The fastest Vulcan ship was only warp 7.5. If this was indeed possible, the humans would soon be on an equal footing with them as far as speed went.

“I have several designs that I want to test one day. T’Pol seems to think they may improve efficiency unfortunately it is not safe or practical to test them in space.”

“Perhaps you would consider taking a sabbatical and working on the designs on Vulcan?”

Tucker looked up and blushed as if he just remembered who he had been talking to. “That would be interesting. I would have to get leave from the Captain and I would need T’Pol. I am not sure he would let us both go or that Starfleet would approve.“

“You are Vulcan. It is not for them to Approve. I could order you both home. It is time that you formalize your vows with my cousin.”

Tucker smiled. “You could? Well let me at least talk to the Captain. He is our friend as well as our superior officer. Maybe you could order us all to Vulcan. We could all uses some R and R and it is a beautiful place. I think the crew would like it. To bad we don’t have and exchange program. He stuttered a moment. You mean you approve of T’Pol and me?”

“Thee has a good idea, I shall suggest it to Admiral Forrest. T‘Pol has chosen thee and thee are a worthy male for a human. I have come to value your species. I think it would be beneficial to us to learn more of you and it would be far wiser to learn from family that may be more understanding of our foibles.”

Trip grinned and then began to laugh. “Logical.” Praised and insulted all at once and the funny thing was she had no idea she had done so.

T’ Pau could not see what he considered humorous.

“I agree family is more forgiving. I just hope you can keep that in mind as well. Humans are at best illogical and emotional,” said Trip.

“Indeed,“ T’ Pau said, “that is one of the reasons I have decided to decline a seat on the Federation council. I believe it would be wiser to send someone with more experience with humans to so important a post.”

Trip sobered and knew this was not going to go over well on Earth.

“I will tell them before we depart,” T’ Pau said. It was not the only reason but it was a logical excuse that the humans might well accept. We have much rebuilding to do and I believe that the Federation will understand this.”

Archer watched as Soval seemed to listen intently to Amanda. He could not believe how attentive the Ambassador was. He could also not believe how protective Amanda was being as she did not leave his side. He knew that she did not trust Starfleet and oddly enough Jon shared her fears. Having Vulcan’s highest officers here in open space made him nervous. He still remembered the mirror universe and he had to admit the Admiral Gardner of this place was just like the other. He shuttered at the thought of the Terran Empire. No not as long as he was alive.

Admiral Gardner watched as Soval protected the MACO. He could not believe that she had chosen a Vulcan over him. A Vulcan that was three times her age, a creature that had no emotions and was cranky and rude. How could any human choose to be with an alien? He could not imagine that. While he had seen Orion slave girls and considered them interesting, he had no desire to bed one. Ok, maybe he did, but to have a relationship? Never in a hundred years. He glanced at T’Pol. The Vulcan was pretty enough if one liked an ice cube. He shook his head and began to formulate regulations to prevent such occurrences in the future.

Admiral Gardner was also concerned about this so called adoption. How could Soval adopt the entire crew? What would it mean to Earth /Vulcan relations? Would it affect the citizenships of the crew? What if the Crew decided to call Vulcan and not Earth home? This ship was Starfleet’s flag ship and he did not have any desire to see it under alien control.

Part XX (Changes)

Captain Archer sighed in relief as the Avenger went to warp. They had managed to actually improve relations. A plan to allow T’Pol and Trip to go to Vulcan had been set in place and T’Pau had agreed to send Vulcan High Command officers to replace them, as well as ten other officers who would be working in pairs on various Starfleet ships. What was surprising to Jonathan was that four officers volunteered to fly back with the Avenger. This act of good faith made the concessions that Starfleet made for Amanda Cole and Soval seem worth it… Soval for his part had declined a ride back to Earth stating he had to return to Vulcan first.

Admiral Forrest had smiled. ”I guess you have to introduce your wife to the family.”

Soval’s brow rose at that and Amanda would have sworn T’Pol was smiling.

“Yes, then we will return to Earth to meet Amanda’s family,” he said

“I can hardly wait. My mom is going to love you,” Amanda said. “She will never believe I caught such a handsome fellow.”

Soval sighed determining that she was teasing him. He was not looking forward to meeting Amanda’s family. He had forgotten he would have to. He wondered briefly if he could spirit her away for a few years.

“They are not that bad, Soval. I know my folks will like you. Besides my dad can hardly complain that about anything as you will have married me three times. Plus he won’t have to pay for a big wedding.” She winked at him.

“Amanda, that is hardly a reason to be pleased. Why would one pay so much?”

“Yes it is, Soval. My Uncle Rick wanted Stephen and Gloria to elope to save money. He offered them ten thousand credits. He figured it be cheaper.”

“Was it?”

“Nope, Aunt Grace found out and gave him a hard time. It was so funny,” Amanda said. “They only had a small wedding and it was twenty thousand. So dad will owe you for that. The wedding itself is not expensive, it is the party after. Don’t worry, we will just have a simple BBQ. We will have a potluck. That will be fun and informal.”

“BBQ? Roasted vegetables? Amanda, I do not think I would care to be around roasted meats,” Soval said.

“Opps… Maybe not. Well, I will think of something,“ Amanda said smiling. “Nope, a roasted pig would not work. Soval, it will work out. Besides, I think you need to go rest now.“

“I do not need rest.”

“Yes you do. You are being grumpy again. I can tell you are not feeling well.”

“I do not feel,” Soval said with wounded dignity.

“Oh for Pete sake. Come on,“ Amanda said.

“Who is this Pete?” he demanded.

Amanda slowly counted to ten. I swear I am going to give he and T’Pol a language course. “It is a phrase. Now lets get you to your quarters.”

“Ambassador Soval, you should rest. The doctor is worried about you,” Trip said. “He threatened to put you back in sick bay.” That was a lie, but Amanda needed all the help she could get.

“Attend me then, my wife,” Soval said, his annoyance very clear to them both. “I believe you too should rest.”

Soval left the captains ready room with a swish of his regal robes. Amanda had a feeling he was very annoyed. She also knew that he would not hesitate to let her know in detail in private. Wining this argument might not have been worth it.

Part XXI (Rumors)

Jonathan Archer held his hands up to silence the crew. After a moment they all feel silent. “I know this may seem hard to believe and that you all have questions. If you will remain silent all will be answered for you. Sub-Commander T’ Pol will explain the situation and how it can and will effect our lives. Sub Commander.”

“Captain Archer is correct. I will endeavor to answer all your concerns. First let me begin by saying what Ambassador Soval has done is considered an honor on Vulcan. It has never been done to a non Vulcan. It is a measure of his respect for this captain and crew that has compelled him to do this thing. The Ambassador has asked me to explain this to you all. Ambassador Soval understands that each of you has gone above and beyond their duty in serving this ship and captain. He has come to respect this crew above all of humanity. He sees Enterprise as the best of what humanity is and can be. We on Vulcan owe this ship and crew a debt we can never repay. You have saved the life of one of our greatest diplomats, consequently Soval has decided to adopt you all into his clan. This does not mean you will lose anything, rather that you have gained something. While Earth is your home world Vulcan too will now embrace you. If you ever desire or have a need that Vulcan can provide we will be there for you. You may live and work on Vulcan just as any citizen may and if you need our help for medical or other needs we will seek to provide it.”

There were voices softly taking now. T’Pol looked out at the offenders. “We do not seek to frighten you.”

A crewmen raised their hand.

“Yes, Crewman Elise.”

“We are still citizens of Terra?”

“Yes, the only difference is you are now citizens of Vulcan as well.”

“We can live and go to school there?” Ensign Hoshi Sato asked. She was clearly excited at the prospect. She was thinking of the Vulcan language base.

“Yes, you would be required to attend as any citizen would. It would be allowed,” T’Pol explained.

“We can buy land there?”

“That is possible in a way, Sgt. Even the Ambassador could not change the law completely at this time. You could buy land but it would have to be returned to a Vulcan or an other member of the family. It would be yours for your lifetime and the lifetime of your mates. After that it would be returned to Vulcan. It could not be sold to a non Vulcan unless it was one of the others who were adopted.”

“Sub Commander, does this mean we are all related?” the Chef asked.

“We are all of the same clan now,” T’Pol answered. ”Ambassador Soval’s clan has over 250,000 members.”

“Wow,” Chef said. “Must make for a heck of a Christmas party.”

T’ Pol’s brow rose. “Vulcans do not have Christmas parties.”

The room burst out laughing. Trip grinned. “It looks like some Vulcans will.”

“Indeed,” T’Pol said. The implications of this act now setting in.

“Yes and I look forward to the certain traditions like mistletoe,” Trip said.

Amanda giggled.” Well at least maybe they can be the elves.”

“We are not elves,” Soval said.

“Nope, not a red rosy cheek among them,” Amanda said. “We will work on that.” She impulsively kissed his cheek.

The room fell into a stunned silence.

“I believe that there should be mistletoe for that activity.” Soval said dryly.

“We will just have to pretend then,” Amanda whispered. “I won’t do it again, I promise,” she said, knowing she made him uncomfortable.

“Well I think this is great,” Hoshi said. “We all have a second home now. Just think of all we can learn and see.”

“Yes , It could be interesting,” Dr. Phlox said. “The Vulcans have many skills and much knowledge we can learn.”

“Yeh, I think it will be great,” Corporal Turner said. ”I mean they live on a dessert world. They have even less water then we have in New Mexico. Maybe I can learn ways to help irrigate or conserve water.”

Soval listened as the crew began to discuss what they might learn and he wondered if his people’s patience would be able to stand all the questions. It was to late now, however, to reconsider. Though the human’s enthusiasm was refreshing, his society was definitely going to get a shake up.

He wondered what rumors would soon flow on Vulcan about humans.

“If there are no more questions, we can all go and consider what this will mean for us,” Captain Archer said.

The crew fell silent and rose realizing that the briefing was over. Captain Archer knew Soval was not the most patient of Vulcans and it would take him time to get used to Enterprise’s teasing ways. Once more he wondered what had possessed him to adopt them all. He shook his head wondering what his father would have thought of this turn of events. He just hoped his people would take it easy on their new planet.

Part XXII ( Socializing)

They arrived on Vulcan ahead of schedule and for once Soval was grateful for T’Pol’s assisting the humans. He could not have stood much more company. It seemed now that he had adopted the crew they were all intent on getting to know him. This he could not understand. One revered one’s elders you did not socialize or play games. He could not believe that the MACO”s had all wanted him to play that game basketball; he could see no purpose to tossing a ball through a hoop. It seemed like a relatively easy skill to master. He had, however, for Amanda’s sake, attempted the game. The physical contact of the sport had surprised him. He did in the end have to admit it was a challenge. Yet he could do without the unguarded thoughts that had buffed his shields.

Amanda grinned. Soval really was cute in his shorts. He played basketball well for a man of his age and condition. Not that he was our of shape, in fact Amanda loved his solid form. She was pleasantly surprised that he was getting to know the crew. She knew that Vulcans were a reserved people and this action pleased her. Most of the crew were good people and she even counted a few as close friends.

Her disagreement with Sub-Commander T’ Pol over Commander Tucker had strained her relationships with many of the senior staff but the lower ranks had stood by her. Many thinking as she had that Tucker was fair game. How was she supposed to have known? He could have said something. In any case it hardly mattered now because she had her own Vulcan and frankly she was certain she got the better deal. After all Soval was so distinguished and powerful. It was not his position but his presence. She was drawn to him like a moth to a flame. Now however she could tell her flame was about at his patients limits. She stood up and went to his side.

“Ok, Everyone, I think it is time for the Ambassador to get some dinner. He has been a good sport and played four straight games, killing all comers.”

“Amanda, come on. Just one more game,” Private Jones begged. “I got a fifty that says I can beat him.”

Amanda laughed. “Nope, not right now. Save your money Jones, I have seen your jump shot. I do not know about you all, but I am hungry. “ She took Soval’s arm much to his surprise and eased him off the court. He did not resist because he was in need of a break. Thank you for this. I know it was hard on you. “It was sweet of you to play them.”

“It was good exercise,“ Soval said, pleased she approved of his attempt at socialization. He took a deep breath to center himself and walked with Amanda. He was enjoying their contact even though he knew he should correct it.

“Soval, we are with the family remember?”

“Indeed. I suppose we can relax among family,” he said indulgently. He had a feeling he was going to regret this but he was relaxing now and oddly at peace. They came to his quarters and he opened the door. He entered and Amanda followed. Then he stripped out of his work out clothing and Amanda swallowed hard. It really was not fair. He was just too tempting. She moved to him before he could react and kissed him, passion flaring. Soval caught her and with swift efficient movement, stripped her. He carried her to the shower and it shocked her with the cold temperature. Both gasped, the mood broken.

“What the hell?” Amanda said, jumping out. She went to the com, grabbing a robe and pulling it on her dripping body.“ Cole to Commander Tucker.”

“Tucker here.”

“Commander, there is no hot water in Ambassador Soval’s quarters.”

Trip had been working on the hot water heaters and had shut them down to beta deck. “I am sorry, we had to shut down the hot water feed,” he said.

“Indeed. A littlie warning would have been nice…, Sir,” she added at the last minute.

Trip grinned but did not laugh, guessing how Amanda knew there was no hot water. But given how Vulcans felt about cold water he could understand why Amanda would be upset.

“I apologies, Corporal. I thought Commander Kelby left messages on the coms.”

Amanda looked down and the light was flashing. “Perhaps, but we did not check the com, Commander. We came from the Gym. How long before the hot water will be restored?”

“Trip, you must not antagonize the clan matriarch, “ TPol warned. “She has a right to worry for Soval’s health.”

“Give me 10 minutes,” Tucker said, fighting a chuckle, knowing that he had to tread with care. He did not wish to antagonize the clan matriarch. He just looked at his wife and grinned. It was too funny thinking what had prevented them from checking the coms.

“T’Pol, hand me the spanner. I have to get the hot water back on before I am cooking in it,” Trip said.

The Vulcan calmly handed him his tools and shook her head. She had warned them that just leaving a message might not be sufficient. Perhaps if Soval had still been single. However, now he was distracted by his mate and humans rarely thought logically. This she knew quite well from personal experience. Her brow rose as she listened to her own illogical mate’s mental musings about how Amanda discovered there was no hot water. She wondered why humans males found sexual matters so amusing?

Soval shivered and wondered if this was Tucker’s idea of a joke. He dried himself quickly and noticed Amanda was shivering. He picked up a blanket and went to warm her. He was concerned for her well being.

Amanda shivered and silently cursed Commander Tucker. She moved to Soval and let him wrap her up. “ Well looks like that killed the mood.”

Soval’s brow rose with amusement. “We should get ready for midday meal. It would be discourteous to be late.”

“I guess,” Amanda said, resting against Soval to absorb his warmth. “I knew there was a good reason to keep you. You are like an electric blanket.”

He stroked her hair, amused but not allowing her to know it. He pulled away and went to the bathroom and washed quickly while still shivering. Amanda followed him in and finished equally quickly. She made a mental note to return the cold shower favor one day to the Commander.

The couple dressed quickly and headed to find sustenance. Soval was growing hungry and hoped that the chef had made sufficient dishes for both he and T’Pol. He actually was hoping for some hot soup.

“I hope chef has some soup. I think it would warm me up nicely. I could really go for some broccoli and cheddar right now or maybe a cheese and broccoli baked potato,“ Amanda said knowing that Soval would enjoy his meal more if she to ate vegetarian.

“That sounds interesting. Does Chef have a vegetarian cheese?”

“I do not know. We can ask. Soval, I promise to try to eat better but do not expect me to change overnight. I can skip the meat easy enough I think but milk and cheese are another thing all together. I will actually need to eat more now.”)

He looked at her not understanding.

“In humans the baby needs the nutrition. If I do not eat sufficient amounts then the child will draw it from me and that can be dangerous for us both.”

“I would not wish you to endanger yourself. Perhaps we should speak to Dr. Phlox to find out what you will need nutritionally, “ Soval suggested.

“That is a good idea, but after lunch. I am starving,” Amanda said smiling. They entered the mess hall and noticed it was packed. It seemed that everyone on board was hungry.

“Perhaps we should take our meal in our cabin?” Amanda suggested knowing Soval to be uncomfortable around so many meat eaters.

Soval knew Amanda was trying to be considerate but these crewmen were now a part of his clan by his choice so he would need to grow accustomed to them and their habits.

“No we shall eat here. I find I desire to observe our clan members.”

Amanda shrugged and allowed him to lead the way. She took a tray from Soval and followed him. He took a large bowl of soup and several raw vegetables from chef and he went to get a cup of hot tea for them both.

Amanda sighed wishing for coffee but had a feeling it would be a while. Damn Phlox for suggesting coffee could be bad for the baby. She found a place for them that was in a corner and semi private. She sat down and waited for him to join her.

She took the hot tea from him and sipped it. It was actually quite good. Not that she was about to admit that.

“I see you have found your baked potato,” Soval said.

“Yes, I love these. I asked chef and he said that we have some vegan cheese. Maybe he could make you one for your next meal?”

“Perhaps. The tuber is nutritionally sufficient for Vulcans. I am told it was once a staple food on earth.”

“Yes. In Ireland a few centuries ago. So much so that when the blight came millions starved or were forced to immigrate. It is how my family came to America,” Amanda said.

“The authorities would not help feed the starving? Soval asked in shock.

“Soval, at the time they were trying to suppress the Irish Catholics. They were likely grateful that so many died. We were not a very enlightened species at the time,” she said. “I think it was a dark period for all of humanity.”

“Yes, I am glad your people have evolved past that,” Soval said.

“So am I, though I do wonder sometimes,” Amanda said. Her mind drifted to Terra Prime.

“Every species has its moments.” V’las came to mind.

“Not Vulcans,” Amanda said.

“Even Vulcans. We are perhaps more guilty because we find logical argument to support our errors in judgment. Like now I am speaking to you instead of consuming this soup while it is hot.”

Amanda blushed at the subtle rebuke and went back to eating her meal. Sometimes he was just to Vulcan. She wondered how she had managed to fall in love with this cranky old Vulcan. Love him she did and oddly enough she had to admit he was right. She should eat while it was hot.

Part XXIII (Home?)

The Enterprise pulled into orbit around Vulcan and Amanda was excited. She could hardly wait to get off the ship. As much as she enjoyed space travel it had been months since she had set foot on solid ground.

T’ Pol was pleasantly surprised when they were offered shore leave for the crew. She left the bridge and went to inform the Captain. She knew it would do the crew good to get off Enterprise for a while. She also knew that the Captain needed a break and hoped she could convince him to take time off as well.

Jonathan Archer stood at his window looking out. He could see the red planet below and felt oddly drawn to it. He smiled at that thought. A few years ago he would have locked up anyone who had suggested he grow to think of Vulcan as his second home; it had to be the result of having Surak in his mind. He wondered if he should find a small house, a place to relax and unwind? He made a mental note to see what was available then left his quarters to see how soon T’Pol and Trip would be disembarking. He knew that Ambassador Soval was planning to beam directly to his home. This made him wonder what would happen if all of the crew eventually settled on Vulcan and the thought made him smile. Surak, he knew, would have approved. IDIC was beginning to seem more like the way to move ahead with the federation because each race brought a unique strength to the group.

Jonathan entered the bridge and smiled when he heard that Vulcan was granting them permission for shore leave. Another first for his ship.

Amanda could hardly wait. She was so excited to see her new home. She would have Soval all to herself - no more worrying about someone lusting after her mate. She grinned. Ok, she would have to watch it in company but a house gave them far more wiggle room.

“Come, wife, we must go now,“ Soval said somewhat impatient to be home.

Amanda grinned and touched his fingers. She sent a mental image of them making love to show him what he was missing by rushing her. Soval looked at her and she blushed as he gave her his own image: a picture of a large bed with her tied to it. She assumed it was in his bedroom. “Attend, wife. We have much to do today.”

Amanda followed him out respectfully three paces behind him. She had actually grown to enjoy the view. Besides she could watch his back this way and keep him safe and secure.


They arrived at the house and Amanda was in awe. It was very large and intimidating. The walls around the house were at least twelve earth feet tall and they were about a foot thick. She could see small slits cut into them and could only assume that they were defensive in nature. Amanda could see four large turrets as they came to the gate. Soval hit a button in the flitter and it opened the large metal gates. Amanda had the impression that they were entering a castle.

“All this needs is a moat,” Amanda said softly.

“Amanda, that would be a waste of water,“ Soval said, indicating he had heard her but not truly understanding her reference.

“It is not a house Soval!”

“Indeed it is, “ he said almost affronted. “This dwelling has been in my family for 50 generations.”

“Soval, this is a castle. An entire block could fit inside this house of yours,” Amanda said, sounding fearful.

“It is a home, Amanda. Yes, it was once a fortress to defend our clan but it is still just a house. It may be large but it is my home and now yours. Consider it useful for when Enterprise’s crew visits.”

Amanda was surprised that Soval actually sounded like he was looking forward to that possibility. She hoped some of the crew did indeed visit or Soval would be hurt. Not that he would ever admit a fondness for the crew or even hurt feelings. She was getting to know him quite well and she loved him all the more for being willing to take on the crew as family.

T’Pol and Trip beamed down to her mother’s house. The garden was overgrowing once more so T’Pol looked forward to attending to it. She led Trip inside and they set their bags in her room. She took a deep breath as he wrapped his arms around her.

“It will be alright, darling he said.

“I miss her.”

“So do I. I liked your mom. We will always remember and honor her.” He kissed her cheek. “Should I make you some tea?” He knew she needed a moment alone.

“That would be agreeable,” T’Pol replied. “I will unpack for us.”

“Ok, I will start the tea,” Trip said. He went to the kitchen and began the tea. He just hoped his beloved could now get past her deep grief. He knew she was still feeling guilt over their long estrangement. Yet in the end Trip had no doubt T’Les had loved her daughter.

T’Pol felt sick and ran to the bathroom. She heaved several times. She was amazed that such a normal biological process could be so difficult. Yet she had been pleased to be ordered home for the next few months. She touched her stomach and knew she could no longer put off telling Trip that they were going to be parents in six months time. Soval was wrong. Amanda was not the first to conceive a human / Vulcan child naturally. In a way, she was pleased because now her child would have a playmate close by. She then realized how human that thought was and sighed. At least they would not be alone. She wondered if Soval intended to remain on Vulcan now or if he would return to earth? She and Trip would also have to make a decision because they really could not raise a child on a starship.

Trip suddenly felt uneasy and he went to T’Pol . “Darlin, are you alright?”

T’Pol wiped her mouth and knew she had to tell him the truth. She extended her hand to him. “Charles, we have to talk.”

He knew it was serious and he went to her side. “What ever it is … We can get through it together,” he said worry showing.

T’Pol almost smiled. “It is not a health problem, Charles. Come.” She went to sit on the bed. As they sat down she leaned into him. “Charles, I am pregnant.”

Charles S. Tucker III froze totally speechless. For a moment his brain refused to function. Then he hugged her and forced her back onto the bed kissing her with passion. “A baby? T’Pol, how did that happen? I thought…only in Ponn Farr?”

“I believe it was the false Ponn Farr I experienced. In any case Dr. Phlox confirmed it before we left Enterprise. I just was waiting to be here to tell you.”

His face broke out into a grin that made him look ten years younger. “I am so happy.” he Kissed her again. Then pulling back he chuckled. “You just had to beat Amanda.”

T’ Pol’s brow rose as she considered his words. It was hardly a competition.

“I was unaware of any competition?” she said, sounding slightly annoyed.

Trip just laughed and held her close. “So when is the munchkin due?”

“In six months.”

Once more Trip was stunned. He knew Vulcan pregnancies were ten months long.

“Six?” He looked at her.

“I did not realize.” She blushed a dark green. “I have never been pregnant before.” She said defensively. The truth was she had wanted to be sure the baby was viable before she told him.

“Well I guess it was unexpected,” Trip agreed. He was grinning broadly.

T’Pol looked at him as if to say “You think?”

He grinned. “A baby. I hope she has your ears.”

“Charles, what is it that humans find so fascinating about our ears?”

He leaned forward and traced hers with his tongue. “They are so cute. They remind us of elves. They just do not fit the staid image, T’Pol.”

She grimaced slightly offended to be compared to a mythical creature that often created mischief.

Trip laughed as he held her, so happy he could burst. “A baby wow. I can hardly wait to tell everyone. Charles S. Tucker the IV.”

“It may be a girl, Charles.”

“Oh yeh, right. Well if it is, maybe we could name her T’Les.”

T’ Pol was stunned. “I would like that. My mother would have been honored.”

“Well we can talk about it more latter. So where are we going to live? The High council is going to be shocked as will the Vulcan Science Directorate, “ he grinned, recalling they had said conception was impossible.

“I would like to have the baby here, Charles. I think it would be safer.” She looked afraid for a moment and Charles Tucker had to agree as both recalled Terra Prime and Lizzie.

“Nothing will happen to this baby, T’Pol,” he said, holding her close. “I know they did something to Lizzie. I know it. They never intended that she live. This baby… It is different. We will be there to keep her safe so no one can hurt her.”

“I hope so, Charles,” She said, shivering.

The couple held each other and offered comfort as the old fears intruded for a moment. Trip stroked her back. “We have to tell the Captain soon.”

“Yes, we do,” T’Pol said. “And Soval.”

Trip grimaced. “Do we have to?”

“He is the head of house,” T’Pol said, “he should know.”

“Alright, but after we tell the Captain.”

“Agreed,” T’Pol said. “The Captain must know as our friend and commanding officer.”

Trip went to the com unit and called Captain Archer asking him to come over for dinner.

T’Pol left him alone and went to unpack their things. It seemed strange to be here alone with Trip. Somehow it felt right to have waited to tell Trip about the baby. Maybe T’ Les would somehow know. T’ Pol wondered when Charles’s faith had started to become a part of her life and beliefs.

Part XXIV (Reunion)

Amanda was shocked to see several Vulcans come out to greet them.

“Welcome home, Sa’haile,” A Vulcan woman said. She was dressed in a long robe and had an air of certainty about her.

Soval raised his hand. “It is agreeable to see you again, T’ Pin. T’ Pin, may I make you known to my lady wife T’ Amanda Cole.”

“T’ Amanda, it is an honor to meet you my lady.”

Amanda smiled. “Thank you. I am pleased to meet you, T’ Pin.”

“T’ Pin is my Aunt and she has come to welcome us home,” Soval stated.

Amanda was shocked that an Aunt would address Soval so formally, then again, it was Vulcan.

“I have arranged a meal for you both and it will be ready in 20.25 minutes if you wish to refresh yourselves first.”

“We will avail ourselves. T’ Pin, I hope you will join us?” Soval asked.

She nodded but Amanda could tell she was pleased at his request. She bit her lip to hide her grin and was amazed at how easy it was to read Vulcans. She was surprised now that she had ever had any difficulties in that area.

Amanda followed Soval to their quarters, once more in awe of the castle. The rooms were large and airy. She saw brightly covered tapestries hanging and windows let in light. The furniture looked ornate and ageless. This was a home fit for a king.

“Soval…”Amanda said feeling suddenly out of place.

Soval went to her side and stroked her face. “This is our home, beloved.”

“I am afraid. I do not know what to do.”

Soval stroked her face and answered in a way that shocked and pleased her.

“Amanda, beloved, all you must do is love me.” He pulled her close and kissed her lightly.“ I am still the Vulcan you bonded with.”

She sighed and hoped she could do this. “I love you. I just am so scared I will fail you. I do not know how to do this….”

“Amanda, I to must learn. I have never had a human wife. My first wife was a good woman but she was at best a friend. I feel with you Amanda and it is …. necessary that you be here with me. You are my soul.”

Amanda held him a moment more. “Soval, I would like to clean up.”

Soval held her a moment then stepped back both their controls restored. “The washroom is there if you would like a sonic shower. It must be turned down.”

“Thanks,” Amanda said, heading in. She had 9 minutes.

Soval watched her enter the bathroom. He removed his robe and set it aside for cleaning. He quickly left the room and entered a guest bedroom. The sonic shower cleaned him efficiently and he dressed in a fresh tunic and pants. His soiled clothing was set aside for cleaning. He reentered his room and brushed his hair.

Amanda emerged and dressed, surprised Soval had changed so quickly. She noted his light tunic and slacks and had to admit he looked very good in the more casual attire. It occurred to Amanda that she really had never seen him in a completely relaxed setting. She smiled as he touched her waiting fingers.

“We have much to learn about each other, my wife. That will have to wait until after our end meal.”

Amanda blushed as her stomach growled signaling her body’s agreement to that fact. She followed him down, as a proper bond-mate should, admiring the view as a human would. They entered the dinning area and Amanda took her seat.
T’ Pin had set the dishes out and Soval served them as was proper. Amanda took time to observe his economy of motion. On the Enterprise, they had simply retrieved food from Chef. Here the food smelled equally appealing but Soval was careful in his portioning. She had to admit it was more efficient then the large portions Chef tended to serve. The meal was eaten in silence and Amanda almost wanted to squirm. Soval gave her a sharp look as she ate, quickly eager to be free to converse once more.

T’ Pin watched the human eat and was fascinated by the speed in which she consumed her meal. A Vulcan would never eat so quickly. Yet, Soval had warned her that his wife had been a soldier. Perhaps this is why she ate so fast. The Human consumed a large plate full of steamed vegetables and the rich savory stew. Her hearty appetite was a clear compliment to the meal. T’ Pin felt pleased that she had made wise choices for this meal.

Part XXV( Family Reunions)

Soval went to his meditation room after end meal as he had much to consider. He knew in the morning they would be meeting with the clan Matriarch T’Pau . While Soval was head of his house she was the traditional leader of the clan. He had no doubt she had many questions to ask him; questions he had been unable to answer on the Enterprise because of the Star Fleet presence. He was going to have to explain why he had wanted to add 79 non-Vulcans to the clan rolls and why he had taken a human life-mate. To Soval it was simply the logical thing to do. He had his points all lined up and he would of course win any debate. He knew his house was going to be shocked at his and T’Pol’s choices yet it was logical given their close ties to the humans. He watched the flame burn and knew peace for the first time since his kidnapping. To be home was a relief that he could not explain. Here he felt grounded and more in control. He wanted Amanda to know him as the Vulcan he was, not the one he was often forced to be to Earth’s leaders.

Amanda helped T’ Pin in the kitchen. “End meal was very nice. I hope you will be willing to teach me how to cook properly. I am afraid I do not know much about Vulcan cooking. I can cook Terran food but I do not think it would work for Soval.”

T ’Pin nodded. “It would be difficult to secure the proper ingredients here.”

Amanda smiled “I am certain of it plus I do not think Soval would like my fried Chicken though it is very good. I will need to learn about vegetarian cooking. I do know how to make several pasta dishes but I do not know if there are vegetarian cheeses available.”

“It is possible to find such items on Vulcan. We do not digest dairy products well. I researched this and found some humans have similar problems?” T’ Pin said.

“Yes, I have it myself. I usually use cheese made with soy. I drink soy milk though I can eat ice cream if I am prepared with the proper neutralizing agents. I will need to use them as I must have lots of dairy for the next few months at least. I just hope Dr. Phlox has enough medicine to keep me from becoming ill,” Amanda said “Maybe I should order a cow from earth.”

“A cow? Why would you require such a creature?”

“For milk,” Amanda said, smiling. “But maybe the replicators will do. Maybe I will just stuff myself on ice cream and pickles. What a cliché but the truth is I am craving them.”

T’ Pin looked confused. “I do not understand.”

Amanda shook her head. “It is said that humans crave certain foods during pregnancy: pickles for the sour taste and ice cream for the calcium our bodies require.”

T’ Pin dropped a glass. Shock showed on her face.

“Soval did not tell you?” Amanda asked.

“No he did not,” she replied, fighting to hide her shock.

“Well I will find a way. Believe me I would prefer not to have such bizarre cravings. Maybe I can find logical alternatives.”

“Yes, there are many food choices available without consuming animal product, “T ’Pin said.

Amanda grinned. She liked Soval’s Aunt.

XXVI The Logical Reasons

The Enterprise crew gathered to be formally adopted into the clan of Surak. Soval stood in front of the Clan Matriarch T’Pau and gave his reasons for his actions.

“I know many consider my marriage to a human to be illogical. Yet I am here today to give my reasons for taking such an action. It is my hope that once this action is explained it will become clear to why I adopted the crew of the Starship Enterprise.


1- Amanda has courage. She faces every situation with a courage and bravery that I have rarely seen. Even when the situation is hopeless she stands ready to snatch a victory.

2- Amanda has honor. She has stood by her duty to me even when she should have left me.

3-Amanda is intelligent and able to solve many problems with logic or creative adaptations.

4-Amanda is loyal to me and her family and friends.

5 Amanda is gifting me with a child but that is secondary to the last reason.

6-Amanda is my very soul. She makes me feel….Happy.

7-Amanda is my inspiration and my strength.

All these traits are human but also uniquely her own. Therefore it is logical she become my mate and logical that I adopt her family. Since Enterprise and her crew are family, the adoption will please her. Pleasing one’s mate is the only logical thing to do.”

Skolar nodded. “Indeed it is logical to keep ones wife content.” He looked at
T’ Pau whose brow rose in amusement.

“Logically argued, Ambassador. Welcome to the family, T’ Amanda, and I concur it is only logical that Soval claim you. The heart has little logic though Soval like most males would claim otherwise. We welcome you and your family to our clan. May we all live long and prosper,” T’ Pau said. “I believe you will make a good clan mother for this portion of our family.

Amanda had to grin - leave it to a Vulcan to argue that love was both logical and necessary while denying that emotion existed. She raised her hand in the Ta’al and repeated the greeting, noting the almost smile on T’ Pau’s face. She just hoped humans as a whole never learned this because it would definitely confuse them.

The End for now.

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Wow this was brilliant, i can't wait for a sequel. i love this pairing and the situations is just brill. i love the fact that soval adopted the entire enterprise crew what a twist. i do hope you continue

Thanks Naz. As to a sequel I do not know about that at least not for a while. I am working on Return to Carbon Creek (Enterprsise time with Mestral and Maggie) and IDIC - Future King (TOS Trek with Amanda and Sarek) and Away Mission to Terra Beta (Enterprise- Queen of Swords X-over )right now. All three are giving me a headache. So a new one is not likely for a while.
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I'm with Naz where a sequel is concerned. I'd love to find out what Admiral Gardner is up to and perhaps a little "pay back" for Soval's macho behaviour? Why not let him find out exactly what it means to be married to a pregnant (ex-)MACO suffering from cravings, mood swings and swollen feet?

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I hope this one has been entertaining.

Nicely structured, nicely written and a good idea. I liked that T'Pol really disliked AC, not forgiven her flirtation with Trip!

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The stoy was mine but the structure was not. I owe Linda for helping make it more readable. I am thinking about a follow up story but it is kinda on hold for the moment.


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If you wish. But do not feel you have to. I am not finished with it yet. I think it has a ways to go. Just so you are warned. It is 40 plus parts now.


I discovered this coming to the Annex to use the link to the VLI, and had to stop and read it. This was very well thought out. Amanda's panic over being "owned" struck home. I remember feeling exactly that way about getting married over 20 years ago. Two little nit picks, though. It's "court martial"... as in a military or "martial" court... and Soval is "dominant", the adjective, not "dominate", the verb. Those two words were repeated and thus stood out and bugged my obsessive compulsive soul. This was otherwise a very compelling story. Your Soval is a very strong and very alien alpha male. I was a little intimidated by him, actually... (Tying her to his bed, huh? And he doesn't know the meaning of kinky?) : D

He did tie her it was to control her not for the sexual angle.So he really had no clue to Kinky. It seemed like a little dark wit. I like Soval but decide he was older more in control or should have been. I made him darker partly to demenstrate the differences from a human man and partly to show that he was still injured from the attack. The panic well I think anyone would feel that male or female. Marriage is compicated enoguh between equals. That tossed that out. I wanted her to have to trust him. Bending on that point alone showed trust. Of course I may just eventually teach him owing does not mean controling. We will see about that one. Thanks for the review and I used the verb for a reason as I was trying not to go to dark. Thanks for the kind words.


If you didn't want to use "dominant", maybe "domineering" would have been preferable. You can't just choose to use a verb as an adjective, though. It doesn't work. It's like saying that Amanda is "submit". You can't use the verb form. You've got to change it to "submissive", get it? It's a grammar issue.

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